Known as the ‘Prince of Rice’, Basmati can only be grown in one place on earth – at the foothills of the Himalayas. It is here where the combination of unique climate and soil conditions allow Basmati to truly flourish. We select the highest quality Pure Basmati from over 10,000 independent farmers, all of whom we know by name.

Tilda brought Basmati to the Western World over 30 years ago. Tended and harvested by hand in the Northern plains of India and irrigated by water from the melting mountain snow, we combine the ancient traditions of growing Basmati with modern technology, using satellites to track which areas of the Punjab and Haryana are growing the best Basmati. To complement our Basmati expertise we DNA fingerprint test for purity every batch of Basmati we buy. Our selection is so rigorous that we test every single bag, because we believe only Pure Basmati has the unique Basmati characteristics.

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