Free Kids Recipe and Activity Book

Tilli is not only making cooking easier but also more fun with this new recipe and activity book. Tilda has created an Ebook to make cooking fun, and to encourage your children to be active. It is designed to work for both you and your kids; the recipes are simple and easy to follow so […]

Keep your little monkey happy with this sweet pudding

Keep your little monkey happy with this sweet pudding

Rice pudding is a good way to include more milk in your kids’ diet (important for growing bones and teeth), and you can also include plenty of fruit in the dish. Sweet basmati rice pudding Rupert the monkey would live off bananas if he could, but Tilli knows that Rupert needs his grains so he […]


Advice from Dr. Sarah Schenker on Basmati for kids

Basmati rice is a nutritious grain to include in children’s diets. It provides them with plenty of starchy carbohydrate that they need for energy and growth as well as some important vitamins and minerals needed for good health. Rice is an easy to digest grain and as such it is one of the first grains […]


Get the kids involved with cooking at meal times

Get your kids involved in food preparation, not just in filling their burrito bowl but in chopping, washing, tearing, grating and stirring to help them grow. Lottie’s burrito bowls Burritos are a great way for kids to take over and have fun making their own meal. Like other little ones, Lottie the Parrot loves deciding […]


Tilda Chef of the Year Dazzles City Diners

Tilda Chef of the Year 2012 Danny Leung, Head Chef at Lexington Catering’s Standard Bank site in the City of London, delighted diners with his award-winning Tilda recipe at a recent lunch organised to celebrate the winning dish. Diners at the restaurant lined up to sample Persian Jewelled Rice with Moroccan-spiced Poussin, featuring Tilda Basmati […]