VO: (Warm, friendly) To explain how good Tilda Kid’s Bastmati rice is, we’ve asked our friend Tilly the elephant to help.

Tilly: Elephant trumpeting!

VO: Now Tilly, One trumpet for ‘yes’, two trumpets for ‘no’.

VO: Does Tilda Kid’s Basmati have a number of delicious rice and veggie recipes?

Tilly: A single trumpeting! from Tilly.

VO: Is Tilda Kid’s one of their five a day?

Tilly: A single trumpeting!

VO: Does Tilda kid’s give you superpowers.

Tilly: One trumpet! from Tilly… then another trumpet!

VO: And how does Tilda Kid’s make mum’s feel?

Tilly: Tilly plays an improvised solo of ‘Chattanooga Choo Choo’.

VO: Tilda Kids. The easy way to ‘5 a day’.

VO: Find us in the rice aisle today.