The executive head chef of a top London hotel has paid tribute to the kitchen contribution Tilda rice is making as he and his team strive to offer guests a top-quality dining experience.

Steve Munkley, who manages a team of 60 talented chefs at the Royal Garden Hotel, believes that “rice should be celebrated in any kitchen” and has taken that message to heart by creating a tasty Tilda rice-inspired dish.

“Tilda has created the perfect balance with its Basmati & Wild rice: it provides high quality consistency to any dish. It has simplified the cooking process in my kitchen which is fantastic as time is very precious to us with so many covers.”


Steve has used the “perfect balance” of Tilda Basmati & Wild Rice to create an inspired recipe – grilled chicken on a bed of ceps (edible wild mushrooms that grow throughout France) infused with the rice.

“This dish is very seasonal and the Basmati & Wild complements all the ingredients perfectly. It was important to me that rice is a focal point in the dish as it is an ingredient that should be celebrated in any kitchen.”

Having worked with Tilda rice for many years, Steve is aware of the level of care and attention that goes into every bag. “I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit Tilda and I was absolutely amazed by the level of care, attention and dedication that is taken to ensure that every single bag of rice is perfect.

“It’s an impressive feat, but one that pays off. Tilda has never let me down and I look forward to incorporating it into my dishes for many years to come.”

He and his team of chefs are kept busy dealing with the needs of guests staying at the 394-room venue in Kensington which overlooks Hyde Park and features a selection of award-winning restaurants as well as 10 conference rooms.  

They cater for as many as 2,000 covers every day with guests ordering from a diverse mix of menus, ranging from gourmet dining and banqueting to more basic sandwiches and pizzas ordered through room service.

Steve, who has been at the five star venue for 17 years, adds: “I love the diversity of opportunities that I have here. There are so many different menus in the hotel – one minute I could be cooking pizza, the next a gourmet meal.”

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