In celebration of Diwali, Tilda has teamed up with Dr Mark Hadley of the Department of Physics at the University of Warwick, to create a mathematical formula for the perfect curry.


The formula identifies the ideal curry has the ratio of 1:1:1 of meat/vegetable, sauce and rice. The fork test dictates the size of the meal and ensures every forkful has each of the key ingredients in equal measure, providing a satisfying taste and texture.

The Basmati rice you use can make or break a curry. Only Tilda is guaranteed Pure Basmati with broken grains removed. This means the grains are fluffy, separate and long with a wonderful aroma, making it the ideal partner for the perfect curry. Sticky rice is often caused by inferior broken grains, that’s why it is worth trying a high quality Basmati to experience the difference.

Based on the golden ratio, said to be the most aesthetically pleasing and dating back to Ancient Greece, the circle of rice needs to be 61% wider than the spherical cap of curry sat on top.

The formula falls into place with the weight of rice (Wr) in terms of its height and diameter and the weight of curry (Wc) in terms of height and radius.

Dr Mark Hadley of the University of Warwick commented: “The fluffiness of the rice is key to the formula as, with the separate grains, there is as much air as rice when laid out on the plate, which affects the look of the rice and how it feels in the mouth. This changes the effective density of the rice and results in equal volumes of rice and curry having different weights”.

Dhruv Baker, MasterChef winner 2010, has bought this formula to life and created his very own ultimate curry recipe which you can watch below. The full recipe can be found here