Celebrity chef Jo Pratt, author of ‘In the Mood for Entertaining’ tried our new limited edition Vintage rice and shares her thoughts below.

Tilda has got two more exciting blog posts to share with you including 2 very special recipes, so please watch out for future pots from Jo.

A special dinner party guest

We all know that good wine, ham, cheeses and Daniel Craig get better with age, but I’ve just discovered that Basmati rice does too. And what a great find. I was intrigued when I recently opened up a very posh looking box of limited edition Tilda Vintage Basmati rice. The stylish black casing gave it such a special look and quite rightly too. It is a truly delicious ingredient.

Apparently, when rice farmers have a ‘good year’ they usually keep some back for themselves to use on special occasions. The clever people at Tilda have done exactly this with the ‘excellent’ 2006 harvest and boxed it up beautifully.

I must admit I was wondering if there would be a difference to Tilda’s regular dry Basmati Rice, but was pleasantly surprised. It’s even richer, sweeter, with a lovely nutty aroma making it the perfect accompaniment to pretty much anything. The polished dry grains are more refined and there are zero broken grains in the pack, meaning the starch content is even lower guaranteeing a lighter, fluffier texture when cooked.

So since this is extra special rice – I figured it deserves to be treated well and cooked up for a dinner party rather than simply being used as my everyday rice.

For me, planning a dinner party menu is the fun part and I’ll start off by setting a theme or cuisine style. My first thought was to go for an Indian themed menu since basmati is traditionally associated with Indian food. However, to ring the changes I opted for a Middle Eastern menu, which offers such a variety of exciting flavour combinations.

Find out what Jo cooked with the Vintage Basmati in the next blog post, until then you can get inspiration from our other tasty recipes here.

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