Eat your way to happiness – with the Tilda Mood Food Manual

Introducing our new Tilda Mood Food Manual, developed by clinical dietitian Dr Sarah Schenker and food psychologist Dr Christy Fergusson, designed to help you eat your way to happiness. We all want to feel good and full of energy to be able to take on life’s daily challenges. If you sometimes feel tired, sluggish or […]

Rice and Diabetes

Basmati Rice and Diabetes by Dr Sarah Schenker

Basmati rice, particularly wholegrain Basmati rice can and should be a regular addition to the diets of people who suffer from diabetes. Basmati rice is a naturally low energy food but as with all carbohydrate foods, it’s the portion size that is important: an average serving of boiled rice is 150-180g providing 207-248 calories; a […]


Healthy Balance Tips for a Stress-free Life by Life Coach Carole Ann Rice

Learn to say “no” powerfully to things or people who drain your time.  We do have enough hours in the day if we use them wisely.  What is currently eating into your time that you resent or no longer want to do? Build in daily treats such as time out for reading, catching up with […]

Feel Good Rewards

Feel Good Rewards with Tilda Wholegrain

Tilda have launched a new ‘Feel Good Rewards’ promotion – simply collect points when you purchase promotional packs of Tilda Wholegrain Basmati rice. Exchange your points for ‘Feel Good Rewards’ including a range of branded health and fitness items and discounts off gym passes and spa days. If you are feeling lucky, enter the exclusive […]

Dhruv Quick Lunches

How to add specialist grains into your cooking By Dhruv Baker

It’s at this time of year we start looking ahead to new starts and to banishing the ghosts of the over-indulgences many of us succumb to over the festive period.  Too much rich food, not enough exercise, not enough fruit and veg and definitely not enough fiber.  We start thinking about going back to the […]