Grains of Truth

A fundamental part of many hearty home-cooked meals, rice is a true food staple, but this essential ingredient is anything but basic.

Known as the ‘Prince of rice’, true Basmati rice, like Champagne, can only be grown in one place on earth, the foothills of the Himalayas. Snowfed rivers, fertile soil and a unique climate combine to produce the ideal conditions in which to grow this delicious rice. Tilda is committed to using only the very finest of grains in its Pure Basmati rice and removes all inferior grains, such as broken ones. To make sure the rice is the best it can be,Tilda has an experimental farm in the heart of the Basmati growing region, where different planting, growing and harvesting techniques are tested. The learnings are then shared with over 10,000 farmers who Tilda knows by name. Tilda also offers them a free helpline and expert advice and assistance . At the beginning of the growing season, Tilda offers certified pure Basmati seed at no profit to farmers without any obligation for them to sell their harvested crop back to the company at a transparent open auction at the agricultural markets (mandis).

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