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Jo Pratt’s Spiced Rice

In the previous blog post celebrity chef Jo Pratt explained how she would include the new limited edition Vintage Basmati Rice in her dinner party menu, this posts explains how she used the remaining rice. Spiced Rice I only used 350g of the 500g bag and rather than save it for my next dinner party […]

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Jo Pratt’s Perfect dinner Party Recipes

In the previous blog post celebrity chef Jo Pratt reviewed our new Vintage Basmati rice, here is how she used the rice as part of her dinner party menu. You have the chance to win a lunch with Jo Pratt by taking part in our Special Occasion Recipe Competition here. Griddled, spiced Halloumi with tomato, […]


Time for a Fresh Approach to Update Christmas Offering

Tilda is encouraging caterers to be more adventurous in the kitchen by harnessing the versatility of rice to spice up the appeal of traditional Christmas favourites. Mark Lyddy, Tilda’s Head of Foodservice, says: “Caterers have to be that little bit more creative with their menus this year because spending will be tighter than ever at […]


Jo Pratt Reviews Tilda Vintage Basmati

Celebrity chef Jo Pratt, author of ‘In the Mood for Entertaining’ tried our new limited edition Vintage rice and shares her thoughts below. Tilda has got two more exciting blog posts to share with you including 2 very special recipes, so please watch out for future pots from Jo. A special dinner party guest We […]


Tilda Goes Vintage

A Review and Recipe for Tilda’s New Vintage Basmati Rice Words and Photography by Luiz Hara In Asian cultures, rice is one of the most important elements of any meal. This was very much the case as I grew up in our Japanese household in Brazil, and to this day I relish good quality, well […]